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Published by Agbowó provides publishing and promotion services for works by Africans. We also work with individuals and organizations dedicated to publishing works by Africans. Our range include digital and print publications. We are also exploring more diverse means of helping Africans reach their audiences.

We publish


Digital Books accessible via mobile readers.


Physical books that we have come to love.


We publish audiobooks on behalf of our clients.


Video books! Great for all, especially kids.

Hire Agbowó

Take advantage of the years of experience our design, marketing and editorial staff have in the literary publication space. We provide editing, design, publication and promotion services.


We pay intense attention to your work and ensure you sound the best way you should.


Designs that speak for your work. Publications that are memorable. 


Plug into our growing media & networks to help you reach your target audiences. 


Get closer to your new audience in the most dignifying way. 

Collaborate with Us

Agbowó is open to pitches from individuals, African literary collectives, and local and international organizations looking to collaborate on the design and publication of anthologies, collections, magazines and other like publications that showcase African literary and visual art.

Some of Our Publications

Visit our store to get our books.

Engage with live audiences

 Through its events platform, Agbowó helps content creators and organizations promote their works and engage their audiences through our events creation and management platform. Whether you intend a book reading, workshops, or any other literary and arts events, we are the best people to help you bring it to life.


Read From Us

See some of the finest literary and visual arts by Africans.

Agbowo curates works by Africans on its online journal and they contain some of the finest gems you would see.