EBooks with Agbowó

Visually appealing digital books

Agbowó publishes electronic books in every form they come. We work closely with the authors to edit, layout, design and publish on our platforms and other platforms the authors require. 

These include full books, chapbooks, collections, and other experimental forms. 

We are also open to all genres ranging from poetry, prose, drama to memoirs. 


Our process starts with you emailing us and telling us what you hope to achieve. Then we advise you on how we think we can help you accomplish it. Then we send you a quote with an execution timeline. Then you pay as agreed, if you agree. Then we start working together. Then you have the best time of your life. Then you get published. Then you tell us what more you will like us to do for you. Awesome and simple right? That is why you should take the first step to talk to us now.